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This site is a clearing house for information on efforts to get our Senators to stand with the Members of the House who will object to certification of the electoral vote on January 6, 2005.


There seem to be many groups working on getting Senators not to certify the electoral vote, but we don't all know about each other's activities.

Please send submissions about your group's actions and events in plain text format to me at

democracyblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

Submissions should include a name for contact, along with an email and web address (if you have one). I would like your phone number, too, in case I need to verify information or ask questions. I will refrain from publishing phone numbers upon your request.

In addition to posting your press releases, actions, reports, etc., I will link organizations in the sidebar.

I reserve the right to not publish any submission.


I am a member of Coalition Against Election Fraud in the Boston, MA area. My personal blog is HungryBlues: